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About Heritage Lodge

Heritage Lodge No 63 is the creation of three founding lodges, Park Lodge 63, Mount Lebanon Lodge 72, Maple Leaf Lodge 74.  Wishing to retain their rich history, and the impact that past and present members have had in the cities of Vancouver, Burnaby and Richmond they chose to name the lodge Heritage No 63. The Ceremony of Consecration and Installation of lodge officers was performed by Most Worshipful Grand Master Philip Durell and Grand Line officers on May 25th 2015 at the 

Park Masonic Hall 4474 Rupert St. Vancouver. Heritage Lodge No 63  meets the second Monday  every month except July and August.     


Heritage Lodge No 63  

calendar of Events   



May 13th B/G                                   Installation of Officers meeting starts @ 7:00pm

May 27th  Emerg                           Enlightenment Evening - The Flower of Life

June 10th B/G                                 Old Timers 

Lodge Officers 2018 - 2019


                                 Worshipful Master                        W. Bro. Hani Nino

                                 Past Master                                     W. Bro. Eric Duchesne

                                 Senior Warden                               Bro. G. B. C.

                                 Junior Warden                               Bro. Cory Willison

                                Treasurer                                          R.W.Bro. Thomas S. Rodgers

                                Secretary                                          R.W.Bro. J.R.H

                                Director of Ceremonies                R.W.Bro. Donald Askew

                                Senior Deacon                                Bro. I.C.

                                Junior Deacon                                Bro. Bennette Dy Tan

                               Chaplain                                            Bro. Glenn Ninow

                               Inner Gaurd                                      W.Bro. George Clish

                               Senior Steward                                Bro. Gered Marcellus

                               Junior Steward                                Bro. Piotr Spiewak

                              Tyler                                                     V.W.Bro. David Gradwell

                              Organist                                             Bro. Dennis Kivotos

                              Director of  Masonic Education   M.W.Bro. Philip Durell 


Grand Lodge Bulletin


Our Grand Lodge Bulletin is available on the Grand Lodge Web site. Click the link below to access

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Lodge Trestleboards are available on the Grand Lodge Web Site

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What is Freemasonry

Is Freemasonry a secret society. 

Despite Historical claims, Freemasonry

is not a secret society. Freemasonry's

so-called secrets are solely a ceremonial

manner of demonstrating that one is a

Freemason when in  lodge meetings.

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Heritage Lodge No 63

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